Customizing the Admin classesΒΆ

The Admin classes are the classes that specify how objects should be visualized, they define the look, feel and behaviour of the Application. Most of the behaviour of the Admin classes can be tuned by changing their class attributes. This makes it easy to subclass a default Admin class and tune it to your needs.


Camelot is able to visualize any Python class, through the use of the camelot.admin.object_admin.ObjectAdmin class. However, subclasses exist that use introspection to facilitate the visualisation.

The camelot.admin.object_admin.EntityAdmin class is a subclass of ObjectAdmin that can be used to visualize class mapped to a database using SQLAlchemy.

Each class that is visualized within Camelot has an associated Admin class which specifies how the object or a list of objects should be visualized.

Usually the Admin class is bound to the model class by defining it as an inner class of the model class:

.. literalinclude:: ../../../../camelot_example/

Most of the behaviour of the Admin class can be customized by changing the class attributes like verbose_name or list_display.