Built in data models

Camelot comes with a number of built in data models. To avoid boiler plate models needed in almost any application (like Persons, Addresses, etc.), the developer is encouraged to use these data models as a start for developing custom applications.

To activate a model, the model should be imported in the setup_model method of settings.py:

def setup_model():
    from camelot.core.sql import metadata
    metadata.bind = ENGINE()
    from camelot.model import authentication
    from camelot.model import party
    from camelot.model import i18n
    from elixir import setup_all
    setup_all( create_tables=True )

Some of these models are still developed using Elixir, therefor, when using these models the setup_all method should be called in settings.py to activate the Elixir mapping. This is not needed when only Declarative model definitions are used.

Persons and Organizations




Batch Jobs

History tracking