What’s new


  • Add SessionTransaction context manager


  • Add camelot.view.action_steps.print_preview.PrintChart action step.
  • Adapt printing of charts to matplotlib 1.0
  • Fix maximum field attribute of rating fields in editor and delegate.
  • Workaround for form window hiding on Mac

Release 12.06.29

  • ``camelot_manage``has been removed, since it did not contain essential functions for the development of Camelot applications.

  • Port the camelot_example application and Creating a Movie Database Application to Declarative

  • Add a toolbar to the form view, configurable through the camelot.admin.object_admin.ObjectAdmin.get_form_toolbar_actions() method.

  • Move the progress widget from the removed status bar to the toolbar

  • Add camelot.admin.table.ColumnGroup in the list view.

  • See Migrate from Camelot 11.12.30 to 12.06.29 for documentation on how to upgrade an existing Camelot project.

  • Tracking of changes goes through the camelot.admin.object_admin.ObjectAdmin

  • Cleanup of the default Camelot models :

    • they can be used independently of each other
    • Persons, Organizations, etc. have been moved to camelot.model.party
    • Simplification of the underlying tables
    • The default metadata was moved camelot.core.sql
  • Store user changed column width in settings and column_width field attribute

  • camelot.admin.not_editable_admin.not_editable_admin() has an actions argument

  • Reworked searching for translation files

  • Portuguese (Brazil) translations

  • Workaround for mainwindow bug on OS X

Release 11.12.30

  • Fix inclusion of stylesheets and templates in the egg

Release 11.12.29

  • Import from file wizard supports importing excel files

  • A number of new ActionStep classes that can be used in custom Action classes or serve as an example :

    • camelot.view.action_steps.change_object.ChangeObjects
    • camelot.view.action_steps.gui.CloseView
    • camelot.view.action_steps.gui.MessageBox
    • camelot.view.action_steps.select_object.SelectObject
  • Move the repository to gitorious

  • The toolbar in the one-to-many and many-to-many editor are configurable using the ObjectAdmin.get_related_toolbar_actions() method.

  • Spanish translations

  • Possibility to add a close button to a form and to customize the form close action

  • Filters can have a default value

  • Main menu and toolbars are configurable in the ApplicationAdmin through the use of actions, which allows creation of reduced main windows

  • Rewrite of Camelot functions behind toolbars and menus to actions, resulting in a number of Action classes with sample code :

    • camelot.admin.action.application_action.ShowHelp
    • camelot.admin.action.application_action.ShowAbout
    • camelot.admin.action.application_action.Backup
    • camelot.admin.action.application_action.Restore
    • camelot.admin.action.form_action.CloseForm
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.OpenNewView
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToPreviousRow
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToNextRow
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToFirstRow
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToLastRow
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ExportSpreadsheet
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.PrintPreview
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.SelectAll
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ImportFromFile
    • camelot.admin.action.list_action.ReplaceFieldContents
  • Move to SQLAlchemy 7.x

  • Undefer all fields that are going to be used in a view when querying the database

  • Reduction of the lines of code with 4%

Release 11.11.16

  • Implementation of the new actions proposal (Actions), please consult the documentation and the tutorial (Add an import wizard to an application) of the actions to ease the migration. Most old style actions can be replaced with the new style action camelot.admin.action.list_action.CallMethod
  • Delayed creation of widgets on tabs to improve performance for screens with lots of fields
  • Move to migrate 7.1
  • New splashscreen
  • Italian translations
  • PySide compatibility

Release 11.09.10

  • Refresh reexecutes queries in the table view

  • Deleted entities are grayed out in the GUI if they are deleted when visible

  • Add setup.py to new projects for easy packaging

  • The settings mechanism becomes plugable

  • Print preview does pdf export when no printer is available

  • Wizard to create a new project

  • API documentation integrated with sphinx

  • camelot.core.exception.UserException, a subclass of Exception that can be used to inform the user in a gentle way he should behave different.

  • Reduced memory usage

  • Experimental PySide support

  • Table views are sorted by primary key to avoid row flicker

  • German, French and Dutch translations

  • Generation of .po files integrated with setuptools

  • Fixes of VirtualAddress editor

  • example renamed to camelot_example to resolve naming conflicts with other projects

Release 11.05.13

  • Faster opening of forms

  • ‘Home’ tab with application actions

  • add legend function to chart container

  • Workspace maximizes when double clicking on tab bar

  • Fix tab behavour of some editors

  • Support for editing columns in the frozen part of a table view

  • New DateTime Editor

  • More intuitive Code editor

  • More intuitive navigation pane

  • progress dialog when records are deleted

  • FileEditor supports removing files after copying them

  • EntityAdmin changes

    • supports objects mapped with plain SQLAlchemy, documentation on how to use this
    • confirm_delete reworked to delete_mode
    • expanded_list_search option to tune which fields show up
  • ApplicationAdmin changes

    • actions_changed_signal

    • application actions show up in desktop workspace

  • postgres support for backup / restore

  • new actions : DocxApplicationAction, PixmapFormAction

  • Most editors now support background_color, editable and tooltip as dynamic attributes

Release 10.11.27

  • Tab based desktop

  • Faster table view

  • Improved search queries

  • Much more dynamic field attributes : tooltip, background_color, editable, choices, prefix, suffix, arrow

  • Document merge wizard

  • Support for SQLAlchemy 0.6.x

  • Charts and matplotlib integration

  • Move from PyExcelerator to xlwt and xlrd

  • Move to new style signal/slot connections

  • Support for frozen columns in a table view

  • Faster backup and restore

Release 10.07.02

  • Expanded search and filter options

  • Search works for integer, date and float fields

  • Sorting in table views and OneToMany widgets

  • Importer forces validation before importing

  • User translatable labels on forms

  • Litebox image preview for image fields

  • New editors and delegates :

    • NoteDelegate

    • LabelDelegate

    • TextBoolDelegate

  • i18n improvements

  • Fix date editor on windows

  • Add a default model to store batch job information

  • Backup and restore available from the File menu

  • More documentation

Release 09.12.07

  • Sqlalchemy 5.6 compatible

  • Dynamic background colors and tooltips

  • Generic import wizard

  • The busy indicator in the status bar

  • Support for lazy translations

  • Remove PIL dependency and only depend on QImage

  • Support multiple levels of class inheritance in the model

  • Various bugfixes, usability and speed improvements

  • Code cleanup