Camelot Shortcuts

Date:December 02, 2014

This page contains the various shortcuts available in Camelot and their meanings. Camelot graphical user interface (GUI) is based on PyQt4 widgets, which are themselve based on Qt4. Qt4 defines what is called actions, which are basically common commands that can be invoked via menus, toolbar buttons, and keyboard shortcuts.

Qt4 (and thus PyQt4) comes with a set of standard shortcuts (through the convenience enumeration [QKeySequence.StandardKey] [1]) for various widgets. It is possible then that a keyboard shortcut not mentioned here performs a desirable action by default.


Following are the shortcuts available in Camelot.


On Mac OS X, the Ctrl value corresponds to the key Command on the Macintosh keyboard.

Main window shortcuts

Alt-Spacebar Display control menu for the main window
Ctrl-p Print
Alt-f v Preview (todo)

Child windows shortcuts

Ctrl-W, Ctrl+F4 Close the selected child window (todo)
Ctrl-F5 Restore window size of selected window (todo)
Ctrl-Tab Switch next child window (todo)
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Switch to previous child window (todo)
F9 Session refresh
Ctrl-F9 Minimize child window (todo)
Ctrl-F10 Maximize child window (todo)

Table view shortcuts

Up, Down Navigate rows
Tab Next cell
Shift-Tab Previous cell
Ctrl-Home First row in the column
Ctrl-End Last row in the column
Alt-Home First cell in the row
Alt-End Last cell in the row
Ctrl-Alt-Home First cell of first row
Ctrl-Alt-End Last cell of last row

Form view shortcuts

Ctrl-z Undo
Ctrl-c Copy
Ctrl-x Cut
Ctrl-v Paste
Delete Delete
Ctrl-b Format bold
Ctrl-i Format italic